Smoke Pro® Total Tech®
Smoke Pro® Total Tech®

Smoke Pro® Total Tech®

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WATCH:  Finding an EVAP leak with the Smoke Pro® Total Tech® on Tech Garage.


The Smoke Pro® Total Tech® is the world’s best-selling automotive smoke machine and is guaranteed to be the most profitable tool you will ever own.  Smoke Pro® gives technicians full-featured diagnostic capabilities to detect, locate, and repair leaks in sealed systems.

This professional-grade tool uses pressure, vacuum, and visual vapor to quickly diagnose trouble codes and pinpoints EVAP leaks, cooling system leaks, intake and exhaust leaks, and wind and water intrusion.  One simple connection diagnoses an entire system in seconds so that technicians can repair more vehicles in less time.

With the Smoke Pro® Total Tech®, garage owners can expedite diagnostics, improve accuracy in repairs, heighten customer satisfaction, and increase profits.  This compact yet powerful machine not only finds more repair jobs, but helps sell those repairs to the customer.

Part No.:  95-0003/C
  • Ideal for performing diagnostics on the EVAP systems of naturally-aspirated vehicles
  • Pinpoint leaks as small as 0.010”
  • Equipped with a compound pressure gauge for performing leak down tests
  • Only 6.5 lbs (3 kg)
  • Accessory storage case
  • EasyINTAKE Adaptor™
  • One (1) bottle of our OEM-Approved Vapor Producing Fluid (8 oz)
  • Halogen inspection light
  • Schrader valve removal tool
  • Hex Key
  • Cap plug kit
  • EVAP service port adaptor