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Redline Supports EVERY machine we have ever manufactured in ANY condition

Redline is proud that less than 0.22% of our machines ever need repair or service. If your machine needs to be serviced, please select a service package below:

Redline Refurbishment Service

For less than a quarter of the cost of a Smoke Pro, your old machine will be refurbished so that it looks, performs, and smokes like a brand new machine (almost).  The best part of the factory refurbishment service is that it includes a new full one-year warranty on your machine.  Redline’s No-Hassel Warranty covers absolutely everything on your smoke machine from bumper to bumper.  

Redline Detection’s factory refurbishment service completely overhauls your existing smoke machine in any condition.  During the refurbishment process, a Redline technician replaces all worn internal and external parts, including smoke output hose, power cables, capillary device, and heating element. In addition, any faulty components are repaired / replaced such as circuit board, pressure gauge, flowmeter, hook, pressure regulator, air valve, etc. The refurbishment service is intended for used machines with any number of faults, even if run over by a delivery truck.  A free bottle of our OEM-Approved smoke producing fluid is included, which performs approximately 600 typical tests. During checkout, please provide your machine's serial number located on the bottom of your machine.

Hear about ASE Certified Master Tech Lou Fort's experience with the Redline Refurbishment Service.

Cost: $350.00 (plus shipping)

Redline Refurbishment Service Testimonial

I have owned my Smoke Pro Total Tech for over 7 years. It has seen hard times, suffered a few minor accidents and remained in service even after I destroyed the pressure gauge. I had known about the refurbishment service offered by Redline but never thought I could do without my Smoke Pro long enough to send it in.

After I called Redline, they gave me packing suggestions, mainly to make sure I drained all the fluid from the unit before packing it sent my Total Tech in for refurbishment. When I filled out the form for service I made clear what damage had been done to the unit expecting a price adjustment in reply. Instead I received a phone call for confirmation of my request for refurbishment and to let me know my Smoke Pro had been completely refurbished.

In less than a week I got my Smoke Pro Total Tech back looking, in my case, better than it did when it was new. My unit had the original ‘twisted’ power leads with small clamps, even though there wasn’t anything wrong with the leads Redline replaced them with the newer style leads and clamps. My unit also received a new gauge, new hose, new heating element, seals etc. It got buffed and polished too.

In short I should have sent my Total Tech in sooner, the turnaround was fast, it is producing smoke better than it has for years. 

Redline’s Refurbishment Service is hands down a “Top of Line” service.


Lou Fort
ASE Master Tech
Huntingburg, IN