Patently Untrue

Dear Friends and Fans,

You may have read a press release recently, written by a competitor, portraying that there has been a meaningful legal decision regarding smoke machine patents. We thought that you’d want to know that this press release in no way affects our business. If a competitor’s advertised claims seem exaggerated or untrue, they probably are.

Redline is pleased to tell you that its SMOKE PRO® family of diagnostic leak detectors has and continues to be the world’s best-selling.  In fact, Redline’s SMOKE PRO® diagnostic leak detection system is OEM approved and is enjoying record success in both the aftermarket and OE sectors.

Just about the ONLY downside of our continued growth and success is that there is always a competitor who will be willing to take cheap shots.  We are confident that integrity will always prevail.  

On behalf of the Redline family, THANK YOU for your continued support and partnership!

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