Redline Refurbishment Service

Redline Refurbishment Service

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Free return shipping included!  For less than 30% of the cost of a new Smoke Pro Total Tech®, your old smoke machine will be refurbished so that it performs and smokes like brand new.  This factory refurbishment service includes a new one-year warranty on your machine. 

Redline Detection’s factory refurbishment service completely overhauls your existing leak detection machine in any condition.  During the refurbishment process, a Redline factory technician replaces all worn internal and external parts, including smoke output hose, power cables, capillary device, and heating elements. We repair and/or replace any faulty components, such as the circuit board, pressure gauge, flowmeter, hook/handle, air valves, etc.

We know how important your Smoke Pro Total Tech® is to the profitability of your business - the turnaround time at Redline for the refurbishment service is only 2-3 weeks.

The refurbishment service is intended for used machines with any number of faults, even if run over by a delivery truck. 

A free bottle of our OEM-Approved Vapor Producing Fluid is included.

During checkout, please provide your machine's serial number, located on the bottom of your machine.


  • Refurbishment Service above is for all Smoke Pro Total Tech variations including Tech-Mate
  • The cost to refurbish all Air Complete / PLD variations is $599.00.
  • The cost to refurbish all PowerSmoke variations is $799.00

This is NOT a refurbished machine for sale. This is a refurbishment service ONLY.  Redline Detection covers only the return shipping on refurbishments booked online.

Please send the returning machine to:

Redline Detection LLC
Attn: Repair

828 W. Taft Avenue
Orange, CA 92865

Questions?  Call our support line:  +1-714-451-1411

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