Battery + Coolant Leak Detector

The new Battery + Coolant Leak Detector, developed with leading EV vehicle manufacturers, gives 100% assurance that battery cases and battery coolant systems are sealed under precise pressures and meet all OEM and battery manufacturer warranty standards for safety.  

Meet the BCLD

Battery + Coolant Leak Detector

Testing the integrity of battery enclosures is necessary to ensure that there is no possible intrusion of water, dust, or contaminants that could cause catastrophic failure. Battery enclosures are tested after any collision, even a scrape to the bottom of the battery box over a curb that could compromise the seal, as well as after lid off battery maintenance or service. BCLD gives OEMs and aftermarket service locations the ability to do lid off maintenance and repairs, and restore the integrity of battery and battery coolant enclosures to original factory design specifications.

The confirmation of battery enclosure seal integrity is essential for vehicle safety and reliability. The pinpoint find feature can be implemented for quick identification of repair areas.  BCLD is the patent pending solution, engineered to be fast, accurate, lightweight, durable and more cost effective than similar test equipment.

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