Technical Support

Redline provides tech support for every machine we have ever manufactured, in any condition.

Refurbishment Services

For less than a quarter of the cost, your old machine will be refurbished so that it looks, performs, and smokes like brand new. Our service also includes a new one-year warranty on your newly-refurbished machine. Redline’s No-Hassle Warranty covers absolutely everything on your smoke machine, from bumper to bumper.

Read more about our warranty here

Redline Detection’s factory refurbishment service completely overhauls your existing smoke machine. During the refurbishment process, a Redline technician replaces all worn internal and external parts, including smoke output hose, power cables, capillary device, and heating element. In addition, any faulty components are repaired / replaced - such as the circuit board, pressure gauge, flowmeter, hook, pressure regulator, air valve, etc.

The refurbishment service is intended for used machines with any number of faults (even if run over by a delivery truck). A free bottle of our OEM-Approved smoke producing fluid is included, which performs approximately 600 typical tests.