Appoints Bill Woods to Senior Sales Executive, Heavy Duty Markets


ORANGE, Calif. September 17, 2015Redline Detection LLC, today announced that Bill Woods has joined the company as Senior Sales Executive in charge of Heavy Duty Markets. Bill joins Redline with a wealth of experience in the industry, having spent the last 10 years in vehicle diagnostics at Cornwell Tools and at Noregon J Pro, where he was responsible for new product development. Bill holds a degree in Marketing & Finance and has extensive education in heavy duty engineering. Bill comments “I am excited to join a team of A players and fortunate to have this new HD PowerSmoke™ technology to take to the heavy duty marketplace. There’s nothing like it and the excitement out there is just incredible. Having equipment that will immediately impact my trucking customers’ bottom line makes my job easy.”

Bill is also well known as a land speed record holder at Bonneville. Bill and his team have designed, built and raced custom motorcycles that have won land speed records at Bonneville for the past 10 years. He holds records in 125cc production, modified and forced induction, 125 P-P, 125P-PBF, 125 P-PBG, 125 MPS-BF, 650cc special construction, forced induction, 650 A-BG, 500cc special construction, partial streamline and 500 APS-AF. The 500 and 650 bikes are uniquely known as lay-down riding position bikes with fully hand-constructed frames.

Bill recently starred in the feature film Out of Nothing, produced by Ryan Stiles, the story of the team’s race to make history by breaking the world’s land speed record.

“With Bill’s engineering knowledge and his impressive track record in heavy duty diagnostics, he is uniquely equipped to partner with our heavy duty customers to provide solutions to their most challenging after-treatment problems” said Alex Parker, Executive Vice President of Redline Detection “we’re thrilled to have him on our team.”




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