ORANGE,  October 25th, 2017Redline Detection, the industry leader in OEM mandated diagnostic leak detection equipment, today has announced its collaboration with Bosch North America. Bosch has introduced the new HPT 500 High-Pressure Diagnostic Leak Tester for North America, offering high-pressure diagnostic leak detection for heavy-duty vehicles and turbocharged passenger cars. HPT 500 provides a solution for heavy-duty vehicle diagnosis and repair by producing a larger volume of smoke necessary for these larger systems. The machine delivers leak detection smoke at up to 20 psi, producing higher pressures than standard machines and simulates truck boost to safely test with the engine off.

HPT 500 was designed with durable, rugged construction for technicians and fleet owners to pinpoint leaks in HD vehicles. Capable of testing an entire system in 15 minutes, the machine can help technicians diagnose leaks faster. The HPT 500 is an ideal solution for testing and finding leaks in exhaust after-treatment systems in medium- and heavy-duty vehicles.

With dual operating modes, technicians can alternate between smoke-only and air-only cycles to confirm repairs. The machine also features a flow control valve, remote shut off, a flow rate gauge and system pressure and test pressure gauges. A low operating cost per test makes HPT 500 a valuable investment for fleet owners and shops that service HD trucks. The HPT 500 simulates the load of a running heavy duty engine, allowing technicians to use patented Power Intake adaptors to block off, pressurize, and test the entire system for leaks with the engine safely off. The Bosch HPT 500 High-Pressure Leak Tester includes a bottle of vapor-producing fluid, remote control key fob, 100-240V AC plug and a hex key. The housing is constructed of steel and billet aluminum for durability and extended service life.

“The HPT 500 is an exciting addition to the Bosch heavy duty catalog and works hand in hand with our award winning 3824 ESI Scan Tool” said Matt Stein, Senior Product Manager at Bosch Automotive Aftermarket. “HPT 500 is a real innovation in heavy duty maintenance and repair, this will dramatically improve the efficiency of heavy duty repair facilities and we’re proud to add it to our product offerings.”

For a technician or fleet owner looking to service smaller heavy-duty fleets and medium-duty applications, the HPK 200 accessory kit can adapt the HPT 500 to meet those needs. The accessory kit includes:

PowerSmoke adapter 1.9²

PowerSmoke adapter 2.9²

Halogen inspection light

Vapor-producing fluid

Ball-end hex point L key

Oxygen sensor port adapter

Temperature port adapter

Pressure port adapter

Block off coupler

Detachable 12V DC power cable

Quick start guide

Accessory storage case

For more information on the Bosch HPT 500 High Pressure Leak Tester and other Bosch diagnostic tools, visit BoschDiagnostics.com   

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