LAS VEGAS, March 10, 2020Redline Detection, the industry leader in diagnostic leak detection, announced today that the Technology and Maintenance Council of American Trucking Association has voted to approve a Recommended Practice to address the problem of costly component leaks in heavy duty engines. A Recommended Practice (RP) is an important guide used by the heavy duty industry to identify the most critical new procedures and practices to run their fleets more efficiently and profitably.

Recommended Practice 375 presents a procedure, using high pressure diagnostic leak detection, to solve the industry-wide challenge of engine air leaks, the root cause of excessive aftertreatment maintenance and repair.  Aftertreatment service is one of the top expenses for fleet operators and TMC has determined that using diagnostic leak detection technology for periodic preventative maintenance inspection of the engine system to identify upstream component leaks is essential for the health of the aftertreatment system and to cut maintenance costs. Diagnostic leak detection technology is currently being used by many leading North American fleets to speed repairs, reduce costs, increase MPG, and increase vehicle uptime. Variable pressure visual vapor allows technicians to “see” air leaks that otherwise only open up under boost. The technology replicates the boost of a running engine for testing with the engine safely off.

An upstream air leak will trigger inaccurate air fuel mixture which causes the vehicle to burn more fuel, increasing fuel costs and triggering excessive aftertreatment maintenance and repair. The leak testing procedure in RP 375 uses visual vapor at a variable pressure of 2-20 PSI to quickly pinpoint and repair these troublesome unmetered air leaks, cutting maintenance costs, increasing uptime, and adding MPG.  TMC’s Recommended Practices Manual has been the leading maintenance guide for best practices in the commercial vehicle industry for more than 30 years. TMC leaders research emerging technologies and challenges in the field and direct fleets to the most pivotal new procedures to help them run as efficiently and profitably as possible.

“Fleets can’t possibly keep up with all of the emerging technologies and challenges in the field. TMC is looking out for the interest of these fleet operators, developing these RPs to direct fleets to the most important developments in the industry. TMC fact checks and vets these RPs over months and years before they are finalized. This is what the experts in fleet management have identified as proven best practices,” said Redline Detection Executive Vice President Alex Parker, speaking from CONEXPO in Las Vegas.

 “Diagnostic leak detection in heavy duty engines is the best, most cost and time efficient procedure for PM and repair to run heavy duty fleets and equipment efficiently and profitably. The ROI is clear and fast.”  Learn more about diagnostic leak detection for heavy duty engines by downloading the whitepaper.

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