Redline Detection Launches New SpeedSmoke

Redline Detection Launches New SpeedSmoke

Redline Launches New SpeedSmoke 

Designed to Address Proliferation of Boosted Vehicles in Aftermarket


Orange, Sept. 23, 2020 – Redline Detection, the world’s leader in diagnostic leak detection technology, announced today the launch of SpeedSmoke, the first diagnostic leak detector of its kind, designed to address the proliferation of boosted vehicles in repair shops. SpeedSmoke is now available exclusively through Matco Tools for a limited time.

Designed specifically for the aftermarket, SpeedSmoke has full featured diagnostic capability to pinpoint faults in naturally aspirated engines and also pinpoint high pressure turbo, diesel, supercharged, boost leaks, with 100% reliability, in just minutes.

Most automakers have implemented boosted engines to increase performance while delivering improved emissions and increased fuel economy. OEMs use boost across the full model range and customers with out-of-warranty vehicles are choosing aftermarket shops for service. Boosted engines are now commonplace; the Ford Eco-Boost was introduced a decade ago.

“Whether you repair import vehicles in California, SUVs in Ohio, or F-150 trucks in Texas, your customers need a shop that can accurately diagnose and repair boost leaks. Between 30-70% of out-of-warranty vehicles are boosted, depending on where you live. To keep up with changing vehicle systems, it’s essential for technicians and shop owners to master this technology or they risk losing their customers to a shop that has mastered diagnosing boosted systems,” said Alex Parker, CMO of Redline Detection. “These boosted vehicle models cannot be reliably diagnosed, maintained or repaired without this technology.”

SpeedSmoke is engineered with the same technology that has been mandated essential by leading automakers in 114 countries around the world including General Motors, Mazda, Subaru, Nissan, INFINITI, Jaguar Land Rover and more.

SpeedSmoke creates a dense, easily visible vapor with up to 20 times the PSI and 40 times the flow of traditional smoke machines to allow technicians to simulate the boost load of a running engine for testing with the engine safely off. The machine does both low pressure diagnostics for general repair and naturally aspirated engines, plus high pressure diagnostics for turbo, diesel and supercharged engines, in one sleek machine. SpeedSmoke also features an onboard micro air compressor for total portability and includes all needed accessories. SpeedSmoke is made in America quality with legendary ASE certified customer support just a phone call away. 

About Redline Detection

Redline Detection, headquartered in Orange, Calif., develops and manufactures the world’s best-selling diagnostic leak detection equipment. From the world’s leading OEMs to individual technicians, Redline Detection has built a global fan base for its professional grade custom diagnostic solutions, as well as its ability to increase the bottom line. To learn more about Redline Detection and its award-winning products, please visit

About Matco Tools

Matco Tools is a manufacturer and distributor of quality professional automotive repair tools, diagnostic equipment and toolboxes. Their product line now numbers more than 13,000 items. Matco guarantees and services the automotive repair and diagnostic equipment they sell. The company is a subsidiary of Fortive Corporation, a Fortune 500 company and key player in several industries including tools, environmental, and industrial process and control markets. Today, Matco Tools distributors operate in all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. Visit to learn more.

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