Redline Detection Unveils EV Battery + Coolant Leak Detector

Redline Detection Unveils EV Battery + Coolant Leak Detector

Las Vegas, NV, Nov. 2, 2021 – Redline Detection, the world’s leader in diagnostic leak detection technology, announced today a new division of the company that has engineered diagnostic leak detection technology exclusively for battery electric vehicles. Speaking at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Redline Detection CMO Alex Parker announced that a major global OEM has made the new Battery + Coolant Leak Detector an essential tool for electric vehicle diagnostics at all dealer locations in 160 countries.

“The wide adoption of electric vehicles hinges upon safety and reliability. Redline has partnered with leading EV automakers to develop technology that gives 100% assurance that battery cases and battery coolant systems are sealed under precise pressures and meet all OEM and battery manufacturer warranty standards for safety,” said Parker.

The Battery + Coolant Leak Detector (BCLD) was designed to test the integrity of battery enclosures in electric and hybrid vehicles. Durable and compact, BCLD connects to the battery enclosure on or off the vehicle, giving audible and visual progress and precise pass/fail indication—specific to that battery and vehicle type—when testing is complete. Data logging and reports can be accessed remotely and the machine is programmable for future battery configurations.

Testing the integrity of battery enclosures is necessary to ensure that there is no possible intrusion of water, dust, or contaminants that could cause catastrophic failure. Battery enclosures are tested after any collision, even a scrape to the bottom of the battery box over a curb that could compromise the seal, as well as after lid off battery maintenance or service. BCLD gives OEMs and aftermarket service locations the ability to do lid off maintenance and repairs, and restore the integrity of battery and battery coolant enclosures to original factory design specifications.

Redline has also opened a dedicated EV Technology Center in Orange, CA for ongoing battery testing, research, and technician education. The space can be used for both in-person and virtual technical demonstrations.

“The future of automotive technology is evolving quickly and Redline technology is at the forefront of these exciting changes, supporting the engineers and technicians who use our technology to ensure peak performance. Redline is the trusted world's leader across traditionally aspirated, boosted, and now electric vehicle diagnostic leak detection technology,” said Parker.

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