Top 20 Motor Tools Air Brake NanoLeak FinderORANGE, September 12, 2017Redline Detection, the industry leader in heavy duty diagnostic leak detection equipment, today announced their Air Brake NanoLeak Finder has won the 2017 Motor Top 20 Tools Award. The innovative new technology quickly pinpoints leaks in Air Brake, Air Suspension and Air Powered Accessory Systems.

Motor Magazine’s prestigious Top 20 Tools Award recognizes those tools and equipment manufacturers who, through innovative features on new products, help technicians diagnose and repair vehicles correctly – the first time. “As more OEM’s deploy air powered systems in their vehicles, this technology has become essential for both heavy duty air brakes, and passenger vehicle air powered systems. Both application types have in common that these high pressure air leaks, until now, were almost impossible to find. This technology changes everything, no more technician hours wasted searching for miniscule leaks” said Alex Parker of Redline Detection. “Now, it only takes one minute to test for leaks, and under 15 minutes to pinpoint all leaks.”

With a simple, 1-minute test cycle, the Redline Air Brake NanoLeak Finder™ will flash a clear green or red, pass or fail light indicator for fool-proof testing, regardless of technician, truck, or trailer variables. Only the Redline Air Brake NanoLeak Finder™ can indicate, with 100% certainty, whether a vehicle, tractor or trailer meets US DOT Standards or risks being taken out of service. Engineered with safety in mind, even a relatively inexperienced technician can quickly and reliably test every vehicle, easily pinpointing the site of the problem with 100% certainty, freeing more experienced technicians to make repairs.

The compact design and full complement of specially engineered accessories make Redline Air Brake NanoLeak™ Tester essential for service centers performing air brake and air powered component leak testing. The durable, professional grade equipment comes complete with all necessary accessories, ready to go to work right out of the box. Weighing only 8.6 pounds, the Redline Air Brake NanoLeak Finder™ runs on compressed air and 12V DC, and utilizes test pressure up to 135 PSI (9.3 BAR).

“The continual development and improvement of such tools and equipment is essential so that automotive technicians can properly service today’s technologically advanced vehicles” said John Lypen, Editor & Publisher of Motor Magazine.


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Headquartered in Orange, Calif., develops and manufactures the world’s best-­‐selling diagnostic leak detection equipment. From the world’s leading OEMs to individual technicians, Redline Detection has built a global fan base for its professional grade custom diagnostic solutions, as well as for its ability to increase the bottom line. To learn more about Redline Detection and its award-­‐winning products, please visit

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