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Made in America Quality at a Great Price

NEW ReadySmoke™ is a Made in America quality smoke machine at a great price from the world's leader in diagnostic leak detection. ReadySmoke™ gives technicians BOTH an affordable smoke machine AND the peace of mind of buying Redline's Made in America quality and legendary customer service. No need to waste time and risk your reputation on cheaply made tools that don't last, with no customer support!

  • Made in America quality
  • Compact and portable – sized to fit in a toolbox drawer
  • Legendary Redline product support
  • ASE Certified Master Tech technical assistance
  • Comes with a full accessory kit
  • Included vapor producing fluid lasts hundreds of tests for low cost of operation
  • Detachable smoke hose          

ReadySmoke™ goes right to work and keeps on working, producing highly visible vapor to find leaks fast. Beware cheap import smoke machines that stop making smoke or overheat and require a cool down, wasting valuable time. ReadySmoke™ vapor is free of dyes and other contaminants. CE Certified for safety.

Accessory Kit Includes: Two 2 oz OEM-Approved Vapor Producing Fluid (PN 96-0074), EVAP Service Tool Kit (PN 96-0003), Inspection Light, Cap Plug Kit (PN 96-0007), Standard Cone Adapter (PN 96-0004), Accessory Storage Case (PN 91-0011)

Operation Manual

Technical Bulletin

P/N 95-0400

ReadySmoke allows technicians to quickly detect, locate and repair leaks in any sealed system. New ReadySmoke™ can pinpoint intake and EVAP leaks in minutes, saving hours searching for cracked or worn components, and allowing technicians to show customers the faulty parts and needed repair. By testing with ReadySmoke after a part is replaced, technicians can confirm that the repair is complete, helping to eliminate comebacks. 

Limited 1 Year Warranty


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