About Us

Redline Detection, LLC is the proud manufacturer of the world’s best-selling professional diagnostic leak detection equipment, and the recognized industry leader. 
Our professional grade products have changed the world of aftermarket diagnostics and our agile engineering team develops custom diagnostic solutions to solve complex problems for
the world’s most prestigious automakers.
Redline Detection’s unparalleled commitment to innovation, superior craftsmanship, and outstanding customer support is why many consider our equipment to be the best in the world. 
There is no comparison. 
Our professional-grade equipment is built to outsell, outlast, and outperform the competition every single day.
Our commitment to supporting the hard working men and women in the field has earned Redline a global fan base: Redline Technical Academy provides top quality, free technical education through our state of the art technical training facility and though direct and digital support.  At Redline, we take pride in supporting our products - and supporting technicians- long after the product has come out of the box.
A global citizen, Redline’s professional grade equipment is made in the USA.  Redline is both a family-owned company, active in our supporting causes in own community, and also a global company, committed to helping technicians grow their businesses in developing communities around the world.  Our products are
safe for the environment, safe for the vehicle, and safe for the technician. 
Redline’s family of products and people are the best in the world, and we are sincerely honored to be a partner in your business.