Ford Rotunda Dealer Loaner Program

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This equipment is currently in Ford Training centers globally and will be used  in current and future service procedures for leak diagnostics.
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Welcome to the Rotunda Dual Diagnostic Leak Locator Loaner Program!

In an effort to collect valuable use case information related to this tool for Ford Service, Redline Detection has partnered with Rotunda to bring you this free program for Dealers. A return shipper will be included with the Loaner device.

Program Goals:

  1. Collection of use case information to show tool related value related to warranty and labor reductions: (Parts replacement reduction, labor time reduction, days in shop reduction..etc.)
  2. Dealer equipment support – access to equipment that not all dealers currently have to help solve field problems more quickly.
  3. CSI score improvements / dealer survey improvements. In an effort to facilitate these goals, the requestor will be contacted to provide the detail information on repairs and use related to the loaner.

Program Limitations:

  1. Loaner tools are available for 10 business days following receipt of equipment. If not returned, the tool will be considered as purchased and billed through Rotunda Equipment.
  2. Equipment must be returned in good condition and working order to prevent repair fees. Damaged equipment that requires repair will be charged. Reasonable or minor cosmetic damage that does not affect the operation of the equipment is not typically considered.
  3. All parts and accessories included must be returned with the equipment or they are subject to be charged.

Program Process Information 

About The Equipment

The Dual-Purpose Diagnostic Leak Locator, made for ease-of use, this new all-in-one unit is engineered to quickly test the integrity of EVAP systems, intakes, turbo, boosted, low- and high-pressure systems, all without dyes or contaminants so it’s safe for the vehicle, safe for the technician and safe for the environment. Variable pressure, variable flow replicate the full load of a running vehicle and allow the technician to adjust flow as needed to find minuscule faults in every type of vehicle.
For additional program information or assistance, please contact Redline Detection at 1-877-557-6653.