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WATCH:  Find turbo and vacuum leaks with Easy INTAKE.

The Easy INTAKE™ is an inflatable block-off bladder with a pressurized vapor pass-through that allows smoke machines to diagnose an entire intake or exhaust system, quickly and easily.

Patented technology allows the Easy INTAKE™ to conform to any shape intake or exhaust:  square, oval, circular, rectangular, and even those severely-angled and hard-to-reach.  Compatible with any smoke machine, Easy INTAKE™ allows vapor to pass through for fast diagnostics.

Easy INTAKE™ fits 100% of automobiles and light-duty trucks to quickly test the integrity of an entire induction system, in one simple procedure.  Compatible with any automotive smoke machine.

Part No:  95-0082B

  • Compatible with any smoke machine
  • Conforms to fit any shape or size intake/exhaust

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