Power INTAKE™ (1.9 in / 5 cm)

Power INTAKE™ (1.9 in / 5 cm)

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WATCH:  Why the Power INTAKE™ adaptor is an essential tool.

An entirely new engineering feat, the Power INTAKE™ adaptor is an inflatable block-off bladder with a pressurized vapor pass-through.  It allows technicians to replicate the full load of a running boosted engine to perform service and repair on turbo, diesel, supercharged, and high-performance engines, with the engine safety off.

The professional-grade adaptor is inflated with compressed air to conform to any size intake or exhaust.  Ingenious engineering prevents over-inflating the bladder or over-pressuring the system with pop-off safety valves and cable.  The Power INTAKE™ adaptor allows technicians to accurately locate leaks in seconds to increase shop efficiency, find additional repair jobs, and improve customer service.

The Power INTAKE™ adaptor is the only OEM globally mandated/essential block-off tool on the market today.  Compatible with any high-pressure smoke machine.

Part No.:  95-0086

  • Compatible with any brand high-pressure diagnostic leak detector
  • Build-in couplers
  • Conforms to any size or shape intake/exhaust