PowerSmoke PRO™
PowerSmoke PRO™
PowerSmoke PRO™
PowerSmoke PRO™
PowerSmoke PRO™

PowerSmoke PRO™

WATCH:  How to solve boost leaks with the PowerSmoke PRO.


The PowerSmoke PRO™ is an OEM-approved smoke machine specifically engineered to test the integrity of turbo, boosted, and high-pressure automobile systems in one quick procedure.

Developed in collaboration with one of the “Big Three” auto manufacturers, the PowerSmoke PRO™ was designed to address the proliferation of boosted vehicles. This patent-pending technology finds all leaks, including boost leaks, that an EVAP machine cannot detect. Variable pressure and variable flow allow the technician to replicate a boost load and pinpoint leaks, with the engine safely off.

Save time and make more money with the PowerSmoke PRO™ - reduce diagnostic time, increase fuel economy, eliminate guesswork, sell more parts, and eliminate comebacks.

Part No.: 95-0170

Warranty:  1 year

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  • Ideal for performing diagnostics on high-performance engines, as well as light- to medium-duty trucks
  • Pressure test from 2 to 20 PSI (0.14 to 1.4 BAR)
  • Variable pressure & variable flow
  • 40x the typical EVAP pressure
  • Performs pressure decay/leak down tests
  • Runs on compressed air
  • Powered by 110-250V AC or 12V DC
  • Weighs only 19 lbs (8.6 kg)

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