Smoke Pro AIR™
Smoke Pro AIR™

Smoke Pro AIR™

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The Smoke Pro AIR™ is an Award-winning Smoke Pro Air™ is simply the most technologically advanced smoke machine.

Onboard Micro Air Compressor:
By eliminating the need for shop air or an inert gas tank, technicians can quickly diagnose, locate, and repair leaks whether the repair job is across the service bay or across town.

Variable Flow Control:
Smoke Pro Air™ can detect leaks as tiny as 0.010” in any sealed system, Smoke Pro Air™ helps you pinpoint leaks fast with variable smoke output.

Pressure Decay Testing:
Smoke Pro Air™ improves the accuracy of repairs and eliminates comebacks by verifying 
that leaks are repaired accurately the first time.

Compact, Lightweight Design:
At 11 lbs., Smoke Pro Air™ is  ultra-portable and lets technicians go where the work is. Smoke Pro Air™ is perfect for mobile repairs, testing vehicles in the field, and fleet repairs.

Find ALL Types of Leaks:
Vacuum, EVAP (Fuel Vapor Recovery), Exhaust, Oil, Turbos and Intercoolers, Manifolds, Brake Boosters, EGR Valves, Seals, Gaskets, Brake Vacuum Hoses, Cooling Systems, Wind and Water Leaks, Diaphragms, Central Locking Systems and much more.

Part No.: 95-0075

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