Trade-In Trade-Up - Smoke Pro® Air Complete™

Trade-In Trade-Up - Smoke Pro® Air Complete™

Regular price $1,249.95

Trade-In any Redline smoke machine for a $750.00 credit towards the purchase of the latest model. 

The trade-in of your old, used Smoke Pro® Air Complete™ - in any condition - brings the price down to only $1,249.95.  Your brand new diagnostic leak detector comes with a full accessory kit and accessory case and lists for $1,999.95. 

The machine you will receive is brand new - NOT a demo, NOT remanufactured, NOT refurbished. 

Your new machine will ship out immediately and we will e-mail you a shipping label to send back your old machine and accessories. 

Call us with any questions or clarifications:  +1-714-451-1411

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