The first diagnostic leak detector of its kind, the SpeedSmoke™ was designed to address the proliferation of boosted vehicles in the aftermarket.  

The SpeedSmoke™ has full-featured diagnostic capability to pinpoint faults in both naturally-aspirated and turbo, diesel, supercharged, and boosted engines, with 100% reliability.  Visible vapor and variable pressure allows technicians to simulate a boost load with the engine safety off.  The onboard micro-air compressor allows for total portability while performing tests.

The SpeedSmoke™ was engineered with the same technology that has been mandated essential by OEMs, including General Motors, Mazda, Subaru, Nissan, INFINITI, Jaguar Land Rover, and more.

Part No.:   95-0135

  • Ideal for performing diagnostics on both high-performance engines and traditional EVAP vehicles
  • Variable pressure & variable flow
  • Up to 20x the PSI and 40x the flow of a typical EVAP machine
  • On-board micro-air compressor
  • Powered by 12V DC 
  • Weights 27 lbs (12.25 kg)
  • Accessory storage case
  • Easy INTAKE™
  • Power INTAKE™ (1.9 in/4.8 cm)
  • Two (2) bottles of our OEM-Approved Smoke-Producing Fluid
  • Daylight spectrum LED cordless light
  • EVAP service tool kit
  • Cap plug kit
  • EVAP quick connector hose

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